custom pet portraits

Custom Pet Portraits -- with over 10 years experience!


(Colours can be changed, hats, backgrounds, etc)

If you require a different design than what I have in my shop, please contact me for a quote.


** If purchasing 'Digital Only', I'll refund you the shipping cost.  Digital files can be: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 or 24x30 inches. **


 1. Around 1 WEEK to complete your print + shipping time.
2) High quality photo(s) of the beloved pet. The background needs to be a different colour than the animal. For example, no white cat against a white background.  Natural lighting works best.

3) Photos can be emailed to:


1. Pick a design

2. I'll create rough draft for you to approve.

3. Once approved, I'll continue working on the portrait. I'll email you the final artwork to be approved, at which time I can edit small details if you so desire.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions!

Pick any of these designs (or from my portfolio) to be customized!

Having a great love for animals, I like to portray the humanized nature of them. Animals that play, dance, become pilots, musicians and dreamers much like you or I. When I take on an animal portrait project, I imagine their personality and spirit transformed into the Victorian era.   Much of my work consists of taking vintage photography prints, colorizing and restoring them using various Photoshop techniques. These techniques have been used as an integral part of my work to help create unique, customized photo-collages of people's pets from around the world. Many of these animals are long gone, so the impact it has on people is deeply rewarding and personal.   My own pet grief initially inspired my work,  I wanted to dedicate something to our boundless connections to our companion animals.

Oscar admiring himself



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